Meet the team

The Next Education Workforce is a comprehensive initiative that integrates and draws upon the full range of resources of ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

The Next Education Workforce initiative integrates and draws upon the full range of resources of the college. Redesigning school staffing requires the deep involvement of faculty and staff, as well as the operational departments of our college. Our work shapes how the college approaches its degree-program portfolio, its professional learning programs and its engagement with schools.

Senior leadership

Brent Maddin

Executive Director, Next Education Workforce Initiative

Lisa Wyatt

Senior Director, Whole-School Models & Scaled Support

Kaycee Salmacia

Kaycee Salmacia

Senior Director, National Networks, Strategy & Operations

Whole-school models

Mary Brown

Assistant Director, Whole-School Models

Lisa Cannon

Lisa Cannon

Senior Program Manager, Whole-School Models

Learning and design

National networks

Jan Vesely

Senior Program Manager and Professor of Practice

Community educators

Korbi Adams

Senior Program Manager, Community Educator Initiatives

Lauren Conn

Senior Project Manager, Community Educator Learning Hub

Alex Nelson

Community Educator Senior Project Manager

Teacher and school leader incentive program

Outcomes and operations

Communications and events

Kelly Jasper

Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications

Collaborators at MLFTC

The Next Education Workforce initiative benefits from deep collaboration with units across Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. They include: the Division of Teacher Preparation; Division of Leadership and Innovation; Office of Professional Learning; Office of Professional Experiences; Office of Digital Learning; Office of Global Engagement; Principled Innovation; Office of Data Strategy; Marketing and Communications; and more.