School spotlights

See Next Education Workforce models in action. These spotlights show how different schools are applying Next Education Workforce principles to better support learners and educators.

Students work on the floor of a learning space

Kyrene de las Manitas Innovation Academy

Kyrene de las Manitas Innovation Academy is committed to engaging students in a dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence and prepares them to be innovators and leaders of tomorrow. They deploy educators in non-traditional ways by creating new roles and staffing structures in an effort to attract and retain high-quality staff and to reinvigorate the teaching profession.

Smith Junior High

At Smith Junior High, educators view learner-centered, cross-curricular inquiry as a platform for student agency.

Stevenson Elementary School

Stevenson Elementary School leverages inquiry learning approaches to ignite students’ curiosity and build their agency.

Westwood High School

Westwood High School students are distributed across six Academy Teams. Each core team consists of at least four educators: a lead teacher and three certified teachers. Depending on students’ needs, special educators, English Language Learner educators, MLFTC residents and paraeducators may also be included on the team.

Image of the exterior of The Creighton Academy

The Creighton Academy

The Creighton Academy serves about 300 students in grades K–6. Every student is a member of a covey: a multi-age group of 55–60 students.