Leadership Pathways

MLFTC Leadership Pathways lead to professional advancement for instructional, organizational and educational leaders.

Leadership Pathways prepare educators and leaders to bring people and ideas together to increase the capabilities of individual educators and improve the performance of education systems. Leadership Pathways include master’s and doctoral degree programs, as well as non-degree learning experiences delivered through modules, trainings and both open-enrollment and custom leadership development programs.

Master’s degrees

Master’s degrees at MLFTC develop collaborative leaders who go on to become researchers, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, leaders of nonprofits, leaders in their communities and more.

Doctoral degrees

Doctoral programs at MLFTC prepare education leaders, scholars and innovators. The EdD program prepares leader-practitioners to make evidence-based decisions that improve the performance of education organizations and systems. The PhD programs empower scholars to create knowledge and insight into important questions about teaching, learning and the impact of education policy.