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Teams with teacher candidates

At our partner schools, teacher candidates from ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College work as part of a team of educators. We believe the approach, which replaces the prevalent one-teacher candidate, one-mentor, has benefits for students, teacher candidates and educators.

The impact of the teaming model on teams with teacher candidates

Kelly Owen, clinical assistant professor and senior program strategist, describes the impact of Next Education Workforce models on lead teachers, teacher candidates and students.

Mentorship in team-based models

Residencies are backed by a strong evidence base across a range of outcomes (Azar, Grossman, Lozier & Scheib, 2021). This resource proposes new opportunities to better support teacher residents through mentorship in team-based staffing models.


Copper Trails second grade team

The second-grade team at Copper Trails Elementary School in Goodyear, Arizona, comprises one lead teacher, one certified teacher, and three teacher candidates. Together, they support 75 students across two learning spaces. Find out how they’re taking a team approach to supporting students.

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Benefits of teaming: Support, complementary strengths, & multiple mentors

In this clip, MLFTC resident Jordan Dick describes what she sees as the benefits of working on a team of educators with distributed expertise.

Westwood’s AVID Success Team: Teacher candidate roles

Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona, addressed unmet needs by partnering with MLFTC to deploy teacher candidates in new ways. Find out about how they redesigned intern and resident roles to better meet the needs of students, the educators on the team, and the interns and residents themselves.


Teacher preparation and the Next Education Workforce

This white paper describes how a new teacher preparation residency program piloted by MLFTC with two Arizona school districts addressed the workforce design problem at the heart of the teacher shortage.


Implementation briefs

This collection of implementation briefs is a companion piece to Teacher Preparation and the Next Education Workforce (Thompson et al., 2020) and goes deeper into several facets of the initial team-based models with teacher candidates, including: role descriptions, readiness conditions for district partners, financial models, and implications for teacher preparation.