10 Tips for planning team-based deeper learning

The educator team at Kyrene de las Manitas Innovation Academy co-plans project-based units that support deeper learning. The 10 tips appearing in this document are drawn from their approach to planning. To get started, consider how your team might implement these tips. Within, you’ll read about the value of:

  1. Carving out a dedicated, recurring time for planning
  2. Using a planning template
  3. Using science and social studies standards to get “unstuck”
  4. Creating space for student choice in culminating projects
  5. Ensuring project-based learning extends throughout the unit
  6. Calendaring culminating project benchmarks
  7. Grouping students with educators based on culminating project attributes
  8. Engaging community educators to enrich student learning
  9. Planning a learning showcase and celebration
  10. Leaving space to modify your own plans